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>> 27 April 2009

I'm not really sure about this. I hope they like it. ☺


Te Recordaré Por Siempre, Abuelo

Has influido en mi vida especialmente la manera de hablando y las cosas que nos has enseñado como el valor de familia en nuestras vidas. Te recordare por siempre. Soy muy agradecido. Decanse En Paz, mi abuelo honorable...


El Cantante (The Singer)

>> 26 April 2009

Este es una de las mejores peliculas de Jennifer Lopez (Puchi, esposa de Lavoe) juntos con su marido, Marc Anthony (Hector Lavoe). El Cantante, The Singer en ingles comparte la biografía de Hector Lavoe, el cantante de salsa puertorriqueño. Me gustaria recomendarlo a todos los amantes de salsa y musica latina. Jennifer Lopez, Puchi, ha hecho bueno en la produccion. La película es sobre su lucha de adicción y SIDA (AIDS). Yo he realizado que es muy dificil traducir mis pensamientos de ingles a español. Ojala que todo es comprensible. I'm no expert. I'm still on the 3rd week of my lessons. It's a film of 3 years ago but it's a goodie. Don't do drugs and don't share needles. Abstinence too will help. Live in chastity. Love God & be with the right crowd. Have a blessed Sunday. I've realized I got some of his songs in my Ipod together with the Fania All Stars like Celia Cruz & Tito Puente. Love them.☺


Camiguín: Dang Rendition 3

>> 24 April 2009

I personally took this shot near VJANDEP Bakery, famous for their addictive Pastel Bread. I wonder why they call it Pastel Bread cause pastel means 'cake' in Spanish. Anyway, it doesn't matter. ☺

Tindero 1: Ang kinis oh kaya lang babaeng-bakla... Babae ba talaga ito?
Driver 1: May kamukha s'yang artista...
Driver 2: Sino?
Driver 1: Di ko alam basta may kamukha s'ya.
Driver 2: Drama actress ba? o Comedian? Singer? Ano?...
Driver 1: Comedian-Singer!
Driver 2: K Brosas???


I'm At Home Now...

>> 23 April 2009

Reflections on 'The Prodigal Son (Luke 15).'

Written & Sang By: Brian McKnight
Cover by: Thor

Thinking back when we first met
I remember what you said
You said you'd never leave me
I let go of your hand
Built my castle in the sand
But now I'm reachin' out again
And I'm not letting go
Till you

Hold me
Mold me
Sometimes I feel so all alone
See, I gotta find me way back home
So why don't you
Shape me
make me
Wah me whiter than the snow
I gotta find my way
Back home

Master upon my knees i pray
I just want to be the clay
Put your arms around me
Place my life in your hands
Lord, I know I'm just a man
I know you understand
This time I'm not letting go
Till you

Anoint me
Appoint me
Sometimes I feel so alone
See, I gotta find my way back home
So why don't you
Chastise me
Baptize me
Wash me whiter than the snow
I gotta find my way

'Cause I'm lost and alone
I've been wandering
Long enough to know
Humbly I search for you
And I'm not gonna rest
Till you

Choose me
Use me
Sometimes I feel so alone
I'm on my way back home

So why don't you
Direct me
Bless me
Wash me whiter then the snow
I'm on my way
Back home


Camiguín: Dang Rendition 2

Dang: Uwi na ako. Di ko na kaya ang trabaho ko huhuhu. Sobra na talaga ito... Yes na lang.
Adam: Girl ingats ka.. Sayang talaga...
Tocara: Hatid 'nyo siya sa may plaza okey. Tapos uwi kayo punta tayo beach mamaya may papagawa pa ako sa inyo. ☺


Camiguín: Dang Rendition 1

>> 22 April 2009

One of the most dynamic people in grade school. She's one of the fast food managers in our batch in fact they are currently two of them from different companies. She can get along to almost anyone and she's part straight and queer-the mouth is queer-like. LOL. Everyone loves being with this woman. She loves reminiscing about Elaine's letter... LOL. I won't be elaborating much on that because it's totally nonsense. Shot taken at our quarters. She haven't got enough sleep since we arrived in Camigíun. This woman sleeps a lot I tell you and she sleeps like crazy. ☺


Pdta. Arroyo en Peru

>> 19 April 2009

¡Wow, ella puede hablarlo muy bien! Ojala que puedo hablarlo con soltura. Mi vocabulario es limitado. Tsk tsk. Compliments on her Spanish verbal skills. I'm talking about her verbal skills alright. The rest, I'll leave it to you. LOL. Ties are now established with Peru, soon, trade relations once we get familiar with the language. Conservemos nuestra lengua nacional (lenguas locales y Tagalo)! Aprenda la lengua española porque tambien es parte de nuestra cultura y una herencia de España y Mexico. Mis respetos a Luis Diaz Rosales de Lima, Peru, mi consejero honorable. ¡Viva la amistad de Peru y La Republica Filipina! ☺

Meanwhile... Education Secretary Jesli Lapus went to Madrid to finalize the agreement of the 2 countries for the reinstatement of the Spanish language in the archipelago. Instituto Cervantes of Manila will train teachers for the program and it hoped to deploy 2 trained teachers to each of the 17 regions of the country.

Educ. Secretary Jesli Lapus with Carmen Caffarel, Directress of Instituto Cervantes.
Article and Photo source: http://www.cervantes.es/


Camiguín: Remnants Of Gui-Ob Church

>> 17 April 2009

The Gui-Ob Church Ruins witnessed Mt. Hibok-Hibok's wrath in 1871, the island's premier stratovolcano. Built in 1679 when Guinsiliban became a Spanish settlement in 1598. The seas claimed half of Camiguín and the adobe remnants are living witnesses of the forces of nature that hit the island. Like her glory days, it is still a sanctuary to everyone who wants to rest with the serenity of these holy structures especially on the grounds where the convent and belfry are found. Church services are still conducted at the small chapel within the mossy church walls (I wasn't able to take some shots of it. Again, we were in a hurry).

Tour Guide: Old Spanish Church of Gui-Ob was built in 1679 by the Spaniards years after the discovery of the Philippine Islands....
Adam: Ahhhh. Noh? Ang galing...
Dang: This is so cool talaga... Nako guys tara na baka maiwan tayo ng van.
Tour Guide: Thank you so much for visiting Gui-Ob Church. You can give any form of donation to us for the restoration of this....
Dang: Huh? Hoy wala akong pera dong paano yan sige na hinarangan na niya tayo. Wala ka bang bente jan?
Sige na para maka alis na tayo...
Adam: Bigyan mo na lang ng singko ano ka ba??
Dang: Nakakahiya ka naman eh ang galing-galing mag explain sa ingles. Sige na bente para sa atin lahat!


Memoirs Of Old Manila

>> 16 April 2009

This footage was taken during the Commonwealth era of the Philippines. This is the intact Insigne y Leal de la Ciudad de Manila or simply Intramuros. It is the heart of the Old Spanish Manila yet the culture within the fortification radiates beyond the bricked walls. The English language was at its dawn in the Philippines and Spanish was still currently spoken by the educated class. After it was bombarded in 1942 that marked the end of the heritage left by the glory of the Spanish Empire. A decline of the Spanish language was inevitable. Let's support the old city's restoration and bring back its glory. Funds can be generated but the covetous government officials whose minds are very far from heritage are difficult to fend off. ☺


Camiguín: Majestic Katibawasan

The majestic Katibawasan Falls divides the rainforest of Camiguín. It perpetuates the life of the flora and fauna that thrives every drop of it. Almost every living creature around the premises are big than the usual ones we see in the city. Trees grow as tall as the tallest building in Cagayan de Oro. LOL. Ferns grow as tall as you are. Beetles are as big as your Ipod Nano. Ants might even carry the whole food basket that my friends prepared for our trip (that reminds me of the new soda commercial). A beautiful lush of green. A masterpiece of the island born from 7 active volcanoes. Brace yourselves and stay alert. LOL. These volcanoes are as gentle as the myriad waters that surrounds the little island. They warn before they do any damage unlike mighty Vesuvius (haven't seen it though). Unfortunately, we ran out of time. We didn't stay long. Tocara's mom was in a hurry for the next tourist spot. The van rental costs 2000 bucks good for 8 hours we can't afford to add 200 bucks on every hour we exceed.

A rainbow that intercepts the white gush is eternal during the day. I don't see a pot of gold at the end but seriously I want to reach it (if I can LOL).


Camiguín: Preparing The Food Basket

>> 15 April 2009

Jen (on white T-Shirt), Adam & Bagets on sandos preparing the trip's food basket. They're preparing egg sandwich on the photo while Tocara gives some orders to our drowsy companions. It tasted good but it doesn't look tasty on the photo below. LOL

I have no idea how they prepared this but it's not a pretty good sight for me seriously. Let's blame it to the camera. =P

Tocara: Naku huwag ganyan baka masyadong maalat. Oh Bagetz taposin mo na iyan... Jen paki lagay na lang sa basket okey? Nasaan sila? Ay naku mataas na ang araw at tulog pa malalate tayo jan ano ba! Mang luto na ang pancit mo!


Camiguín Escapade: Shopping

>> 14 April 2009

The 2 hour power nap was frustrating it was like closing your eyes in 10 seconds then you end up cranky afterwards. But it didn't stop us to visit downtown Mambajao. This photo was taken after we went shopping at a local grocery shop which bears a very familiar name (Check out the grocery bag). We were on our way to the Parola to view the beauty of the pristine sea.


Camiguín Escapade: The Tired Travelers

>> 13 April 2009

After 6 long hours of traveling we finally reached Camiguin with puffy eyes and aching backs. Unfortunately, we only had 2-3 hours of sleep. Everyone was too excited to roam around the island. There's so much going on in this photo actually. LOL. =P


Camiguín Escapade

>> 12 April 2009

I had so much fun in Camiguín especially with the company of old folks from High School. They're the wackiest people on earth. This will mark the beginning of the Camiguín Escapade series. The experience was totally cool. Camiguín isn't the next Boracay but being with the people you look up to for more than 10 years is simply a fabulous experience. =P


Off to Camiguín...

>> 05 April 2009

Guys I want to inform everyone that I'll be out of Cagayan de Oro from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday. I'll be leaving for Camiguín with my crazy High School classmates and friends. I'm so excited. I'll be posting a lot of photos after the trip so... ¡hasta luego!☺


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