Sweepin' Through The City: Bigby's Café & Restaurant Rosario Arcade

>> 30 November 2008

I had a great dinning experience at Bigby's Café & Restaurant last Saturday hmm of course with a special someone. Unfortunately, I haven't brought my camera. Bigby's is an original Kagay-anon (Cagayan de Oro) restaurant that started 10 years ago. Bigby's will branch out to Manila at SM Mega Mall (Don't ask me I am not familiar with Manila really) and will be open on the 20th of December 2008. :P


'More of Camiguin Island' by Iris

>> 29 November 2008

More of Camiguin Island.. I'm not sure where she took this shot. Taken last summer. :p


'White Island' By Iris

>> 28 November 2008

This photo was taken by my high school classmate last summer 2008 at White Island, Camiguin. I haven't been there. Thanks for sharing Ai. Hmmm. About the island trip? I'm still having second thoughts. Yeah. Review classes. :(


Where Have You Been?

>> 27 November 2008

Where have you been? Hmm. I can see your chinky eyes young man.


A Simple Celebration

Wala lang. We had ice cream last night for a simple celebration. Yes. Cookies N' Cream. After 1 year and 6 months of construction and 2 months of finishing touches of my parents' 2-door pad, finally, door 1 is occupied by a family of 5. Now we got enough income to pay the increasing bills. LOL. That's quite a relief on my part I don't have to take part in giving a percent of my paycheck when I get a job! Weee. Kidding.


Ma Not Again...

>> 25 November 2008

Taken last November 12, the day before Mom left for Edmonton via Vancouver. Her first trip outside the country was last year in Seattle and now, she's in Edmonton for the next two weeks together with my grandma. She's lucky. They're lucky. She only paid the domestic terminal fees! I hate you Ma for this. If we get our chance of traveling it's your turn to stay at home. Swear! :-p

Twing²: Mie sama ako???
Ma: Paano kita maisama eh wala kang visa...
Twing²: Mie bigyan mo ako ng visa? Sige na...

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Darius' New Found Friend: Chico Davaueño

I woke up from a sudden bang on my door early this morning. I know it's Twing², my youngest brother. Thank God it's 9.30 AM this little guy won't get something bad for waking me up. I went out and I saw my 4 year old cam on his hand. I know he was trying to show me something and said...

Twing²: Kuya kuya ito nga pala ang bestfriend ko sa Davao.
Kuya: Bestfriend? Bakit naging bespren mo s'ya? Hehehe.
Twing²: Kasi paborito din n'ya si Zaido Red (Ui Kapuso...)
Kuya: Talaga? Hehehe. Hindi mo nga nakuha ang pangalan n'ya bespren na kaagad. Beh akin na 'yan.

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Darius' Davao Getaway

>> 23 November 2008

This was taken in Davao City, southern part of Mindanao. Twing² (Darius) missed McDonald's so much so Mom and Dad gave him the chance to dine and play around with kids 4 feet and below. He asked 3 happy meals for himself and me and my middle brother but actually it's all his' anyway. LOL

Twing²: Kuya may bago akong friend sa McDonald's! (Naka-ngiti)
Me: Talaga?!!! Hehehe. Ano'ng pangalan n'ya?
Twing²: (Naka-ngiti pa rin) Nakalimotan kong mag tanong eh...

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Capitol University Glee Club Wins in Busan, South Korea

>> 19 November 2008

Gosh this is so blog-worth! Let me breathe for awhile. I present to you the Busan International Chorale Competition champion on the pop category, the Capitol University Glee Club of Cagayan de Oro! It's not only that but they also bagged the Best Conductor Award, Sir Ritchie Asibal, the first Filipino to win such award in the history of that competition. Unfortunately, they only got a single video posted in YouTube. I hope they will add more videos from that contest. (Tachypneic) Keep it up guys! Next step Grand Prix!

Capitol University Glee Club or CU glee club, in my opinion is the best choral group in Northern Mindanao. I am an avid fan of their music and singing styles. Their choir master Ritchie Asibal has been professionally trained by the best musical instructors in the country, and the group members themselves have been trained and attended chorale workshops by the world renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers. -FairyPrincess


My Heartfelt Congratulations...

>> 18 November 2008

I would like to extend my heart-felt congratulations to my review friends for passing the notoriously head-splitting NCLEX-RN C.A.T. (Computer Adaptive Test Meow) of the State of New Mexico taken last Thursday, 13th of November. They are Lovely, Bracy, Kristine, Ebony (a.k.a. Diana Zubiri with that sexy back) & Fritz. This is your moment guys I am so proud of you! Next step... US Visa Screen! God bless sa lahat ng endeavors n'yo. Kita kits! Taken at San Agustin Cathedral of Cagayan de Oro City right after our IELTS exam last August 24.

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Sergio Mendes' Timeless

>> 13 November 2008

You can also check out Mendes' latest album Encanto.


At The Money Changer

>> 10 November 2008

33.8 degrees Celsius. That's the reading I got from the thermometer on the fridge. It's hot. Mama, Me and Darius went to the bank for Mama's trip on Thursday with grandma. She'll be gone for 3 weeks and will be in a much colder region with a temperature 3 to 4 times lower than Cagayan de Oro, 3 to 4 times lower than the latest reading I got yesterday. We went from bank to bank to check the FOREX. Darius was having fun with the other toddlers in the bank running around, hopping on the cushions and playing hide-and-seek. The deal we got from the banks wasn't good so we went to Divisoria to check on the money changer. Out of Darius' exhaustion he sat and...

Mama: Kuya, where is your brother?
Me: Ewan , basta nandito lang 'yan.
Mama: Hanapin mo ang kapatid mo he might be under the shelves naglalaro with the other kids.
Me: Ma! Hehehe. May ipapakita ako sa'yo (click) :P

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Testing ISO 400

This is my attempt of taking in application of Darren Rowse's digital photography lessons. Cam was set on ISO 400 unfortunately I'm using the inappropriate equipment. :P I guess Darren's right, a tripod is essential for this type of subject and I can see the drawbacks of higher ISOs notice the noise? The specks? This shot was taken at Capitol University showcasing the newly erected academic building of the College of Computer Studies and Graduate School.


Sweepin' Through The City: Jeep

>> 09 November 2008

It must be the petrol rollbacks that made Cagayan de Oro's passenger utility jeep upgraded with the innovations of technology. Although it's the cheapest way to commute from home to the city proper, the commuting experience is electrifying! Yes. The unit I rode earlier has a 2nd generation Ipod Classic Video with a dock connected to a Pioneer full blast sound system that synchronizes with your heartbeat and the churnings of the normal bowel sound. I'm surprised! It played Hed Kandi and Dj Benny Benassi Hits! What's next laser beam lights eh? It seems that operators have their target on party goers. Not to mention you get to ride with people from different walks of life. People who bring crates of vegetables and fish. People with naughty children. People leaning to their seatmates, unaware of the purpose of the conventional back rest. People with different scents from different perfume brands and that includes the very strong glandular acidic ones. Revolting isn't it? Ironically, I didn't see the jeep's exterior. I hope it was the new curvy unit and not the tetanus-packed 19-forgotten model. Mayor send in the bullet trains please (Ambisyoso). :P


Fixing Darius' Hair-do

>> 06 November 2008

I woke up from a side-splitting laughter from the other side of my room near the low fence where mom or our exceedingly naive housemaid chit chats with my aunt. I took a peep. That was not my youngest brother's funny giggle but it was my aunt's and my mom's. I wonder what made them rub elbows after that little misunderstanding at my grandparents' diamond anniversary. Well, older adults got their own ways of patching things up that younger adults find it too complex to understand. Anyway, I went out and washed my face to reduce its puffiness from waking up 30 minutes earlier than my standard waking time. For those of you who did not know, I usually wake up at 9 AM. That's standard. I should stick to that before I get a job and wake up as early as 6 AM for the 7 AM morning shift nurse. The laughter ended just before I finished taking a bath. As I went out my room, I saw dad, mom and Darius dressed up for the city. And I almost forgot, I fasted for 12 hours for a complete blood chemistry which is due by 10.30 AM.

Me: 'Twing! Sama ka sa ospital magpapa inject si Kuya!?'
Darius: ' Sasamahan ka namin baka matumba ka tulad ni Koko (Our middle brother)'
Me: 'Teka muna... Hahahaha. Ano ang nangyari sa hair mo? (Nagtawanan si mama at papa, naka smile lang siya sa ginawa niyang bagong hairstyle)'
Auntie Bebe: 'Ginupit niya kasi gusto raw niyang maging isang barber. Hehehe. (Ikaw ba si Twing2?)'
Me: 'Ipapaayos natin iyan sa totoong barber. Hehehe. Bakit kasi naka lagay sa office table ang gunting dapat nasa itaas iyan ng ref?'
Papa: 'Buti na lang hindi natusok ang mata. Naku huwag mo nang gawin iyan at baka ma tulad ka ni Kerka (Aso ng kapitbahay).'

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Bully the Bollywood

>> 05 November 2008

I'm pretty sure that creature is not a kid. Anyway, enjoy the robotic moves. :P


Todos Los Santos

>> 01 November 2008

Taken at Greenhills Memorial Park, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. The first image from above is my great grandmother's and grandfather's tombstone. May they rest in peace...


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