Makati's Ice Cube

>> 29 May 2009

One of the structures in Makati that I love. I'm not sure what they call it. It reminds me of Beijing's version, the bigger one. ☺


The Rickety Stash: The Teenage Puerita

>> 25 May 2009

Taken at 1955. Lola on her teenage years. This photo was taken when she was still studying at a local fashion and beauty school which is still training aspiring trendsetters and stylists today. I'm not sure what costume she's wearing but I believe it's Pre-Hispanic. ☺


Camiguín: VJANDEP's Yema-filled Pastel

>> 16 May 2009

Delicious! I can consume a box without the help of anyone. I can buy this anytime in Cagayan de Oro since VJANDEP has 2 branches in the city. I bought 2 dozens all the way from Camiguín where the prize is cheaper. I heard it reached the shelves of Manila's grocery stores but it costs more than we pay here in Cagayan de Oro. Pastel is like a taste of heaven! I plan to buy a dozen just for myself. ☺


Look At My Scar!

>> 15 May 2009

"Look at my scar Kuya! It's almost gone now." Shot taken at home while my little brother exhibits his bicycle stunts. He got that wound after jumping from our apartment's fence. He fainted when he hit the ground and our tenants thought that he might badly hit his head. Luckily, there were no rocks on the ground. A mimosa weed did that to him. ☺


Camiguín: Ball of Fire

>> 14 May 2009

Photo taken at Bahay Bakasyonan. One of the best resorts in Camiguín. The cottages are made up of native materials but it has a very modern look. Dang you missed a lot. ☺


Metro de Madrid

>> 08 May 2009

A commercial of Madrid's Subway Train, Metro featuring Filipinos. One of the commercials that i love. ☺


Mi Gente

>> 07 May 2009

I'm totally captivated with this song. This is one of my favorites in the movie El Cantante (2006). This song was originally sang by the late Leyenda de la Salsa, Hector Lavoe, one of the legendary salseros of the late 60s. Salsa is just so happy some of the themes of salsa might be sad but the tune is simply... happy! Descanse en Paz Hector Lavoe... Te has hecho el mundo bailar contigo.☺


Camiguín: Paniid During Panaad

>> 06 May 2009

The road to Catarman was packed with people for the annual Panaad (Promise) Festival during the Lent and where the people go so as the small-scale merchandisers. We weren't in Camiguín Island to join the caravan but to relax and enjoy each ones' company. Crazy high school folks are getting even. We enjoyed looking around, checking stuffs but no one dared to buy something since this is our second day in the island and the fun hasn't started yet. Personally, I really wanted to buy something but I must take hold on my impulses. Paniid means 'looking around.'☺

I fancy this piece of craft for my little brother but no thanks I guess I just have to buy Pastel when I get back home.

Adam: Sige na girl bili ka na ang mura lang oh...
Dang: Yiz bagay to sa akin I bet mahal ito sa Cagayan..
Tocara: Naku sa last day na lang kayo bumili ng pasalubong kasi may gagastosin pa tayo for our food para bukas at sa whole duration ng stay natin dito okey? Mang anong ulam natin bukas at makalawa?


The Rickety Stash: The Young Puerita

>> 04 May 2009

This is a Post-World War II photo taken when my grandmother, Puerita (sitting, far right) was on her 6th grade way back 1947. She and her classmates are wearing the traditional Filipino costume for the Catalana, a Hispano-Filipino inspired folk dance. The costumes, along with the men's Barong Tagalog (I want to buy one for myself), are made of split-pineapple fibers called piña. Guess what? She can still remember the names of her classmates in that photo and with the grace of God they are still living with their families at a nearby barrio. According to her, the English language was very foreign during that time. Spanish and Cebuano were spoken in homes and Tagalog was gaining popularity in the newspapers (from Manila) and radio.☺


The Pear

>> 01 May 2009

The pear fruit is with Tif. LOL. I found this in my lost flash disk-but-now-found. I took this shot last year. Can't help the noise anyway I have the inappropriate gear. ☺

Me: Tif hold it near your cheek.. sigue na... please...
Tif: (exploring my mobile phone)
Me: Sigue don't move ha... 1, 2, 3 (click)...


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