¡I'm Back!

>> 27 July 2009

Lo siento mucho mis compañeros! He estado muy ocupado por la semana pasada pero te cuento que la disfruté tanto. Tambien yo estaba ocupado porque jugaba el 'FarmTown' en Facebook. Yo quiero que usted establezca su granja especialmente para aquellos quienes tienen un Facebook account. Yo sé que se lo disfrutara. En nuestra iglesia, hicimos muchos cambios para mejorar nuestra estrategia de consolidacion de la joventud. En actualidad, estábamos en el status quo y sabemos que Dios no quiere que seamos mediocres pero sea productivo en el servicio de Su Reino y en todos los aspectos. Pero tenemos que recordar, "No será por la fuerza ni por ningún poder, sino por mi Espíritu—dice el SEÑOR" El gran Trabajador es Dios no los hombres. Ire a la iglesia mas tarde para continuar el trabajo. El esclavo deberia servir su master (no se decirlo en español) incondicionalmente.

CORRECTIONS? post a comment thanks!


Mensaje Semanal: La Gracia de Dios

>> 23 July 2009

Pstr. Cesar Castellanos talking about the grace of God. I'm working on my listening skills. This is better than Mexican telenovelas (yikes!). LOL. I'm still waiting for a Bible, a Reina Valeria version sent by a Costa Rican friend who happen to be an academic headmaster of Instituto Caribeño de Ingles (ICARI) a Spanish school in Cahuita, Costa Rica. I prefer NVI—La Nueva Versión Internacional but this one's for free I hope it didn't get lost in the mail. =P


Pero Noé contaba con el favor del Señor.
Genesis 6.8

But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.
Genesis 6.8


Christ For The Nations Institute: Because Of You

>> 22 July 2009

Because Of You
By: Christ For The Nations Institute

Never before have I felt so alive
Never before have I thought I could fly
Never before have I been so free
Coz being with You I now begin to see
That your presence overwhelms me


Because of You I can dance
Because of You I lift my hands
Because of You I can sing
I am free....


We jump and shout and dance and Spinning, Singing


Happy 1st Birthday Rant Avenue 12785

>> 10 July 2009

I never thought this day would come. Happy Birthday Rant Avenue 12785! I was thinking of changing a new template for it but I haven't found a good one yet. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!


Toddlers of Eden

>> 02 July 2009

No, no, no there are no toddlers in Eden of course. It must be fun when toddlers go play around with Adam and Eve along with the animals and with the presence of God, even the wild ones are tamed. This is so Sesame Street (we don't have Dora at our time). But that is not what I meant. No no. Back in college I remember the principles of growth and development. What I'm going to rant for today is the latter because we will be talking more on the 'invisible' not the tangible. Toddlers of Eden... yes God loves little children, toddlers, babies and every time one gets into the light surely, that kid will be with the Father.

Once an infant is born into the world after nurtured by his earthly mother with the right nutrition, right vitamins or simply the right environment to rear an unborn infant; his physical well-being changes since the human body is dynamic. It adapts—for the lucky ones. We have that pediatric jargon called the APGAR score with the highest score of 10. The closer to 10 the better. I'm not wishing anything bad to these precious babies each one is entitled to grow up, be productive, display his glory and above all, glorify his Maker.

After some shots and a public display in the nursery, Mommy's going to take him home along with Daddy. Mommy's going to feed, sing lullabies, keep him warm at all times, bathe and... change diapers—a challenge for Daddies-to-be. In time he will learn how to say 'mama' or 'dada' and Mom and Dad is going to argue which one goes first, 'mama' or 'dada.' I'm sorry, he does not recognize one of them but rather the baby's simply vocalizing. When he starts to talk and walk, take that baby away and he's going to cry for 'Mommy' and 'Daddy.' Boy you're in big trouble... Behind these milestones of development, an infant or a toddler-to-be develops trust with his primary caregiver. It knows Mommy and Daddy won't hurt him and someone strange might be the bad guys.

An infant, a toddler is dependent to his primary giver. God is delighted with these people, those who are like little children. Sincerely dependent to Him, innocent with sin and forever seeking His presence like formula or Mom's sweet lullabies or Gerber. Little children who are in the right environment, obedient, with His presence, within Eden and not outside God's playpen. ☺

*Photo taken during Gian's (my nephew) birthday


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