The Gaeity of A Woman

>> 31 December 2008

After a semester of paper works, lectures and executive meetings she still has the time to unwind with friends. We call her Nanay the word 'mother' in Filipino. I took this shot at The Site's Café Macumba in Rosario Arcade. Despite the bland-tasting chocolate muffins we ate, we had a great time listening to live music. =P

Me: Nay nag-usap na kayo?
Nanay: With whom..?
Me: Hmm. Her? (Napa-ngiti ako at napatingin sa kabilang café)
Nanay: Yeah Okey. Hindi.
Me: Bakit?
Nanay: We have nothing to talk about na.
Me: Ah okey. Uhmm. Kailan ulit ang regular classes?

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Our Christmas Cake

Jam, my cousin, baked this. We call it The Nightmare Before Christmas Cake. LOL. Chocolate chip brownies with chocolate wafer sticks and marsh mallows. The kids loved it. Unfortunately, she doesn't accept any orders. I enjoyed eating it anyway and it tastes good. =P


I'm Going to The Laundromat

>> 29 December 2008

We got a pile of laundry for today so I'm headed to the nearest laundromat which is 2 km away from home. It reminded me of the song that I used to play back in college freshman year. This has nothing to do with anything personal anyway. Swear I didn't dance while doing the laundry. LOL. We also performed this song together with former officemates back in call center days. Miss the jamming really hope we can have the time guys! 'Soap, powder, bleach, towels, fabric softener... & let's not forget the food stains, dirt spots... '=P


Ready To Break A Leg

>> 24 December 2008

Donna, All set for the party. Taken at the University call center office along with her personal beauty assistant and her critic, the ever posh office mate Francine (featured last December 18). Francine gave way for her to shine in the event. Now, Francine is conceptualizing what to wear for next year's and said, Balenciaga it is. =P


Rikoy Poy

>> 23 December 2008

My second attempt in taking portraits. Rikoy Poy. Taken while riding the motorela of Cagayan de Oro. Since the motorela slants upward I took advantage of this angle. See my reflection? =P


All I Want For Christmas...

>> 22 December 2008

  1. Passing my upcoming exam
  2. Spending Christmas with my boo (Awayon man ang mga gamay na bb =P)
  3. A job in one of the prestigious hospitals in the city
  4. A Nikon D60 Kit (Cath, Bono's gonna have a new friend hehehe dah murag tigoman pa wishful thinking lang LOL) =P


Cookie Sang Soo

>> 21 December 2008

This is my attempt in taking portraits. Meet Cookie Sang a.k.a Sayuri. =P


Infinito Singers Sings Ikaw Lamang

>> 20 December 2008

As I was browsing around YouTube I found this and left me teary-eyed. I love the dynamics. Beautifully performed. The Infinito Singers is an Indonesian-based chorale group in Jakarta, Indonesia if I'm not mistaken. This is indeed a musical Sunday. =P


Capitol University Glee Club: A Moment Like This

This is one of their line up in Busan International Chorale Competition last November of this year. I love their very own version of Kelly Clarkson's A Moment Like This. I would like to apologize for not providing you guys the best sound since I'm using an ordinary mp4 camera but I think this will do. Hope you enjoy the music! I wish this talented group the best more competition to join and awards to bag not only for the university and Cagayan de Oro but for the Philippines as well.=P


Francine Exclusive 3

>> 18 December 2008

Francine waiting for the caviar to be serve. Expecting a YSL fur coat from the green wrap. =P


Turquoise: Halal is Healthy

>> 16 December 2008

Halal indeed is healthy. Urfa Kebap. Beef with herbs and pita garnished with lettuce, sliced tomatoes & fresh cucumber. Fries & rice add up the fullness. I reckoned we should have dine during Eid al-Adha (Feast of The Sacrifice) for it is a Muslim tradition to serve Halal food to everyone for free. LOL. =P


Turquoise: A Taste of Turkish

Another splendid dinning experience! Like you always do, me & Rey had a hard time deciding where to have dinner until we came across Turquoise, a Turkish restaurant in SM City Cagayan de Oro. The food? It's ambrosial!


Francine Exclusive 2

Candid moments ni Ach. Francine strapping the (her) new Manolo Blahnik heels. =P


Francine Exclusive 1

>> 15 December 2008

Meet the beautiful and sophisticated Francine. Clad with Christmas colors and a classy bag, Francine attracts attention among the others in their costumes. Taken last Sunday during Capitol University Call Center's Christmas Party themed All Things Christmas at Grand City Hotel. She's a woman now. Pay some respect! =P


The Patient

>> 14 December 2008

The patient's watcher has gone mental. LOL. Love you Ai. Miss you a lot. This shot was taken at Polymedic General Hospital room 403. =P


Are You Engaged?

>> 13 December 2008

My girl friend Aileen on her sister's hospital bed. I thought she's engage at 22. Too young for that. The patient is sitting on a rickety bench. LOL. Te Jo get well soon I know how it feels having that exhausting attack. =P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: It's Time to Go Now

Mom & Grandma. She's trying to tell my mom to stop cam whoring. LOL. They're both excited to go home and share their wonderful experience in Edmonton, Canada. Actually, there are more to share but this is my blog not hers. I hope someday I can have the chance to travel & take photos of each exciting adventure. I still want to travel around Southeast Asia really. =P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Walk on Water

This is breath-taking. I wonder how it looks in spring or summer. They're standing on the lake. =P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Hobbits!

>> 12 December 2008

Grandma, Mom & some of her siblings. They're 10 in the family actually. I'm not sure if this thing works but see the wheels? That will break you into pieces.=P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Berries?

>> 11 December 2008

I wonder what they taste like. LOL. Don't ask me I don't even know what they are really. I've seen this painted on Chinese/Japanese porcelain. =P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: A Perfect Tree

A perfect tree for a perfect Christmas. No need of Christmas balls. This tree won't last a day in the tropics. I know it's the perfect tree for the living room. But let's stop dreaming. =P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: At The Flower Shop

>> 10 December 2008

Mom loves flowers. She's totally aware she can't plant Lilies & Tulips in the Philippines so a snapshot will preserve them. :P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Strolling Nearby

Walking around the neighbor seems fun. You get to see a lot of new things. Ma, I'm even fascinated with this clean, grafitti-free bricked wall. That's the shop where my Uncle's wife works. If I get a chance of visiting should I qualify to work as a waiter in Starbucks? :P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Basking Under the Winter Sun

Mom: There you are. We've been looking for you.
Grandma: Na-miss ko ang init ng araw...
Mom: Oo nga ano. Na-miss ko si Darius. Well uuwi naman tayo on the 8th.
Grandma: Sino kaya nagpakain kay Bingo (Grandma's dog)?

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Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Foot Prints in The Snow?

>> 09 December 2008

Mom: Sis, saan si mader (mother)?
Sis: Baka nasa kitchen lang..
Mom: Wala eh. I can't even find her sweater.
Sis: Ling baka lumabas check mo sa backyard.

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Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Winter

Snow is everywhere. Everything is clad in white. No trace of the morning sun. Winter.


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue: Welcome to Edmonton

Mom and Grandma. Behind them is Edmonton's cornerstone. They missed the centennial celebration! Yes. It's winter I thought they're gonna be bored but as a matter of fact they didn't. :P


Mom & Grandma's Travelogue

>> 08 December 2008

This week I'm gonna post pictures of my Mom's and Grandma's trip to Canada (I hate you Ma! Grr). Since I've been deprived of my camera last week and haven't taken any shots lately, this will serve as a treat. :D I'm surprised that Mom can actually take good pictures. I was even worried she might forget how to use her cam. Older adults are too challenged to use new technology of any kind. LOL. This is Asia's oldest running airline, Philippine Airlines bound to Vancouver, Canada. :P I hope PAL will make more improvements in their services since she is the country's flag carrier. :D


Manny Pacquiao Wins Again

>> 07 December 2008

This is the perfect birthday gift. :P thanks Manny! Hehehe. Damn you smashed chico bonito Oscar's face. Naku! Naubos mo lahat ng Mexicano Manny!

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My Heartfelt Gratitude to All Who Remembered...

I was a bit busy last week with my intensive review for my upcoming exam and my brother borrowed my camera so that explains the dull facade of this demented blog. I miss snapping pictures non-stop. Well I hope I can catch up for this week. Anyway, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the people who remembered my natal day! First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for His saving grace, and for blessing me this year which includes passing 2 important exams in my profession (Jeremiah 29.11 I believe the promise). Of course, Mom & Dad, Dan & Darius.

Thank You so much...
  • Rey
  • Dov (Asa na si Bituin? LOL)
  • Jay²- My mentor
  • Nanay
  • Joan
  • Sam
  • Iris
  • Mark Allen
  • Mark Alain
  • Kling²
  • Cai²
  • Marie
  • George
  • Daniel
  • Aileen (the Cheshire Cat LOL)
  • Daryl (Ms. Bella Aldama LOL)
Friendster Friends (Some of them I don't know)
  • Ms. Fascinating
  • Dzh^n
  • さーAーA
  • รขgรตร vลขghด
The rest of my family
  • Aunt Joy (Thanks for the bucks hehehe)
  • Aunt Louella
  • Carlo
  • Kate

My friends around Malaysia. Terima Kasih. Saya ingin belajar bertutur Bahasa Melayu. :P
  • Aisyah (Get over your Ex-Bf LOL... kidding)
  • El (I wanna borrow Rio and Abang for the week hahaha)

Thanks to Manny Pacquiao! Winning the Dream Match is the perfect gift I ever had in 23 years. LOL.


He Knows My Name (I Have A Maker)

>> 02 December 2008

I loooooove this song so so much! Thanks for the rendition Jeremy! :D You can find his videos in YouTube anyway. I've been looking for his remake of SWV's 'Weak' but unfortunately I didn't find the video. I am supposed to post this on a Sunday but I can't help it really. This song is originally sang by Tommy Walker. I hope you're blessed listening to the lyrics. :)


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