Sweepin' Through The City: Un Monumento Dorado

>> 18 April 2010

Dedicated to all Cagay-anons or los dorados (the golden ones) with the Provincial Capitol at the background. Taken on a gloomy but warm Thursday afternoon. ¡Vengan a la ciudad de la amistad dorada! ☺


You Were There

>> 13 April 2010

Truly, I'm always lost for words when someone mentions your name. It is consensual. Ecstatic. I'm stunned by each syllable of your name. My eyeballs widen. I get irregular heart rhythms and so as my respirations, cool and deep. I could die if they utter it again and again. But you keep me alive each day. I love you. ♥♥♥


Quesadilla Uno e Agua Fresca

En esta tarde caliente, tomé la botana mejor en mi restaurante favorito, Mooon Café. Siempre tenía ganas de comer la comida mexicana. Esto es la tercera vez que he estado aquí y nunca estaré cansado de la promoción de este restaurant. ¡Ven a Mooon Café!

PS: Quiero que te comas conmigo acá. ☺



>> 09 April 2010

I felt so heavy when I woke up this morning. Not from the cholesterol-packed 'finger-licking good fried chicken' that I ate last night with friends but from something else. Last night was difficult to handle. I cried and my eyes hurt a lot that I can't barely claim my detoxifying sleep. I don't know but when I'm in love I cry.. a lot. LOL. A cry baby. Llorón. I think everyone knows that. A fight can make me cry especially with someone I love big time. Yeah. I had a fight with someone special. LOL =P I won't go through the details. For you who touched my heart, you who dismantled the pipelines, the plumbing, the sink in it and decorated it with your love; you're the one I always wanted. Even my tears cry out your name. I wanted you so so bad that I could bite myself or mutilate my fingers and I just hope you feel good with that mere fact. I hope you get strength from it despite the mean distance. I have adjusted and I'm working on the new things that might have cause these petty fights. You're the remedy of almost everything.. And yes a line from a Marc Dorsey song.
I crave your touch I crave your lips. I miss so much the excitement of your kiss.. my heart won't behave...

PS: I'll get to you as soon as I get that effin' card.


Señora Orina

>> 03 April 2010

"Orina" might be repulsive for some but I've heard a lot of good stuffs about this good-natured señora from the pediatric ward. Above is a photo in her most pensive look. ☺


Gratos Recuerdos de Semana Santa

>> 01 April 2010

La cristianidad entera celebra Semana Santa. Es una semana de reunir y pasar los mejores ratos con familia y amigos. Y por supuesto, pedir al Señor el perdón de los pecados y los deseos de nuestros corazones.


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