¡Qué Bonita Bandera!

>> 30 September 2009

Issues about adding an extra ray of the sun came up a couple of weeks ago and it really raised my brow not because I was biased but it's inappropriate and unnecessary. The extra ray will represent the Muslim Filipinos who fought against the Spaniards. With such move, it recognizes the efforts of our Muslim brothers here in Mindanao but what about heritage and patrimony are we going to weigh it out over? One of the stars represents Mindanao and the islands is known to be the home of our Muslim brothers. Sen. Gordon, the proponent of such bill, rationalized that this will unite all Filipinos irregardless of religion.

Hmm. So that means other religious groups can sign up for this. The 8 rays represent the first provinces that ignited the revolution: Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Nueva Ecija, Laguna, Batangas, Bataan & Pampangga. This is too much. They already changed the original national anthem (w/c was sang in Spanish before the American Era, an English version was made—singing it in Spanish was a sign of resistance against the Gringos then Filipino in the late 1950s) which was more practical than this one. We lose a lot of historical treasures of any sort during World War II and now we're losing the original Philippine Flag! It's like changing history. The Philippine National Historical Institute is so against the bill. Maybe what's important is to recognize them as Filipinos and that they should be treated fairly base on our Constitution. Ranting... ☺


Women's Re-Encounter Shots

Taken at Living Spring, Baloy, Cagayan de Oro City. "Choleric? Melancholic? Sanguine? Phlegmatic?"


SOL Sportstacular Shots

>> 27 September 2009


El Fotógrafo Talentoso

>> 25 September 2009

Yo saqué esta foto en Plaza Divisoria con mi gran amigo que es un talentoso y buen fotógrafo. Se llovió y tenemos que secarnos en una panadería cercana. Sacamos muchas fotos de nosotros y esta es uno de ellas. Espero que ustedes se lo encante. ☺


With Dang...

>> 23 September 2009

While waiting for her love bus, we had doughnuts. I was drooling over her Icy Choco grr.. should have bought one for myself. Nothing much happened tonight just took photos for a talented classmate of ours. It's cool to be with old folks. ☺


Forgive & Forget

>> 18 September 2009

I took this photo earlier today and it reminded me of two of my closest friends who until aren't in good terms. They've been at the same high school and have been buddies ever since their group grew bigger. I hope they'll realize what friendship is. Just forgive and forget an forget and forget until it sinks in. Wishing you all the best Ming & Oloap! These lovebirds are my mom's. You can name them if you want. =P


AKO MISMO dog tag and Cuba

>> 17 September 2009

Cuba and the AKO MISMO dog tag. Anyway, here's a little history, the Philippine Flag was inspired from the Cuban flag. I guess not only Cuba but Puerto Rico as well. Puerto Rico has the blue triangle while the Philippines has white. The 3 countries were Spain's last overseas provinces before the Treaty of Paris that relinquished Spain's rights over these islands to the United States. Even Bonifacio's Biyak-Na-Bato Constitution also known as Constitución Provisional de la República de Filipinas was based on the 1st Cuban Constitution and was written both in Spanish and Tagalog. AKO means 'I' or 'Me' in almost all Filipino dialects while 'MISMO' is a Spanish word for 'Same.' AKO MISMO means I, Myself in Filipino. The Filipino usage of MISMO doesn't follow the Spanish rule of noun-adjective agreement. See the blend? That's Hispanicity... I wonder the whereabouts of Philippine-Cuban relations nowadays. I heard both States had a directive to share advances of medicine and sports. Prayers for Cubans under Castrista Regime...


Nanita's Moment

While waiting for our little youth gathering at a local university Nanita had a great time with Chimborito. ☺


Ñ & Chimboro

>> 16 September 2009

Learning 2 things at a time is a challenge: Working on Intermediate Ñ and learning Chimboro's cogs and wheels. I'm not sure how to handle things when volunteer work starts next month. I hope I can catch up my SOL training (so far so good) and the things that I love to do for myself. I know I can do this perhaps I might lessen my time in the net. The photo is a testing of some adjustments of this and that (I should refrain from using techie terms here).☺



>> 15 September 2009

I miss eating pizza. I know a church that consumes a lot. Aw. LOL =P


The Old Toy

>> 13 September 2009

My old toy. It's more than 4 years old now. It was with me for 2 years since I started blogging last year. It was the family camera before mom had hers. I still get good photos from it as long as one knows it well. Now, I'm entrusting it to my brother. We both love that cam than mom's. =)


Happy Birthday Bro!

>> 12 September 2009

Happy Birthday Bro! Wishing you all the best... Hope you liked the little surprised we had for you. =P Hahaha. Taken at Bigby's SM City.


Don't flicker... Shine!

>> 11 September 2009

Display your glory and shine. Discover your purpose and glorify your Maker. Dishonest scales are despised so as partiality. Don't flicker. Shine! =)


The Only...

>> 09 September 2009

The only dalaga in the family... our doxie named Praise. "Praises to the one Who save us..." =P



>> 08 September 2009

Grabe la jud ko nagexpect na karon ma compra... Thanks jud kau Pa sobra. Hehe. Abi nako sunod bulana pa. Mao ni resulta basta sige ampoan... as in inampoay jud hahaha. Nah di jud puede magbangay² sa vision. Binisaya sa ko kay ato kini! Guys meet Chimboro! =P


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