Cagayan de Oro City

>> 30 September 2008

Made this earlier hope you like it guys! I dedicate this to my beloved hometown.. char! Uhmm some of the images are not taken by myself so just message me if you want it taken from this blog. Thanks po! For the ones who took this great job po.


Going Mental

>> 29 September 2008

Di nako kasabot huhuhu... Need psychiatric help na talaga! Pwede ma detach from ones' self for a while? Todo na talaga to... Ano ba talaga????


Sergio Mendes' Encanto

Brazilian and enchanted! These are the exact words I can say with this latest Sergio Mendes album. Released last April and was co-produced by mainstream artists from different parts of the world. You get to see Rio de Janeiro through this album but it will bring you to the musical diversity of Brazil itself. Timeless, released earlier was a huge success to the young listeners.


Flying Rods Part 2

>> 26 September 2008

Up close and personal with a mistaken 'U.F.O.' in the bathroom. I'm still sane here. LOL


Ambitious Vacation: Rio de Janeiro

>> 25 September 2008

I just want to see and climb the largest sugar cake in the world! Sugar Loaf Mountain. Stand beside Christ the Redeemer at Corcovado and watch soccer in one of the world's largest football stadiums. :P


Flying Rods Part 1

>> 22 September 2008

Flying rods were featured in the local news just last year I think I saw one a long time ago. I tried my memory but couldn't find the exact date or happening when I saw that 'creature.' It's not a U.F.O I know its not but it might be some sort of an insect mistaken to be one. Flying rods were sighted in Argao, Cebu and some parts of the world. This might be the one they're looking for.



This is totally unrelated with the Broadway musical, Rent. We're calling out interested tenants of a 2-room flat exclusive for Cagayan de Oro and nearby municipalities east of the city. Just leave a message for specifics. Thanks :P


Belly Dancing Goddess

>> 19 September 2008

Adam asked me to do him a favor to do some photo design for a birthday gift... that's not him by the way that's a regular belly dancing enthusiast. I told him to take pictures at the right angles and make it sure all elbows are in or else I might replace it with a gorilla's elbow. LOL


The Worst Pies In London: Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies

Sweeney Todd songs are my favorite! :D Helena Bonham Carter plays Mrs. Nellie Lovett with Johnny Depp as the demented demon barber, Sweeney. Please message me if there are any rights violated in this posting thanks and enjoy the clip.


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